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I learned the fundamentals of photography in an actual darkroom in the early 90's. Powerful imagery surrounded my childhood at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where my father would bring me every Sunday. My goal is simple: beautiful and effective storytelling on photo or film.

Photography and film making is a business as well as a passion. When you hire me, I quickly and beautifully capture the moments you will want to cherish and look back upon time and again. I also am very serious about being funny with roots in the world of comedy.

I have experience in studio, large events, the arts, sports, commercial and journalism. I have filmed shorts, music videos, standup comedy specials, advertising spots and weddings.

I uphold best technical and business practices to ensure that your digital memories are protected. 

Achieving high quality matters and making you happy is just as important.

Please reach out via my contact form. Thank you!

-Hunter Peress

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